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                                     People ask UNITED NATIONS

                                         Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

                                                    for HELP:

                         THE  People ASK THE UN FOR HELP:

California town passes Fukushima resolution: “Urgent international rescue” needed at site — “Poses health and safety concerns to America’s West Coast” — “Much greater contamination is likely”

[…] Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear reactors, crippled by the tsunami in Japan in March of 2011, continue to pose a grave risk to people and the environment around the world, including the United States.

[…] much greater contamination is likely, given that the reactor cores are highly unstable and that the structures and storage tanks are deteriorating and that massive amounts of contaminated cooling and groundwater are being released into the Pacific daily [...]

[…] this disaster presents one of the gravest threats and greatest technological challenges facing the international community, and as such demands an international response utilizing the world’s most accomplished experts as well as international funding on a level commensurate with humankind’s most ambitious efforts, in the interest of every nation […]

[…] mishaps at the site are ongoing and pose a growing threat not only to the Japanese, but to all Pacific nations, including the western coast of the United States […]

[…] the situation at Fukushima, Japan is now clearly an international problem and poses health and safety concerns to America’s West Coast;

[…] the Town of Fairfax urges that:

The United Nations General Assembly and Security Council appoint on an emergency basis, within thirty days, an International Independent Commission of Experts (IICE) charged with formulating a plan to reduce, to every extent possible, releases of Fukushima Dai-ichi radiation into the atmosphere and the ocean […]

The Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, United States Agricultural Department and the Federal Trade Commission and other responsible agencies begin periodic collection and reporting of radioactivity levels in edible ocean species, plants and products and that the results of such surveys be published on a public website for consumer information and education without delay […]

The foregoing Resolution was duly passed and adopted at a regular meeting of the Town Council of the Town of Fairfax […]

View the full resolution here




                  THE  Scientists ASK THE UN FOR HELP:

                         17 international Scientists ask UNITED NATIONS

                                         Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

                                                    for HELP:

Letter to the UN :

Seventeen international scientists and experts have written to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon urging international action on Fukushima crisis.13. September 2013:

“We write to you in urgency. ......

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 MARINE  L I F E   in dangerMARINE_LIFE.html

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The japanese prime minister asked the world for help

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