„Erst wenn der letzte Baum gerodet, der letzte Fluss vergiftet, der letzte Fisch gefangen ist, werdet ihr merken, dass man Geld nicht essen kann.“

Die richtige Uèberlieferung, was die Indianer gesagt haben. war die:

„Und wenn der letzte rote Mann von der Erde verschwunden und die Erinnerung des weißen Mannes an ihn zur Legende geworden ist, dann werden diese Gestade übervoll sein von den unsichtbaren Toten meines Stammes, ...dann wimmeln sie von den wiederkehrenden Scharen, die einst dieses Land bevölkerten und es immer noch lieben.“

ABER da war mehr:.......


..“Der Name entstammt einer Legende, die erstmals 1962 im Buch Warriors of the Rainbow von William Willoya und Vinson Brown veröffentlicht wurde.

Dort prophezeite eine indianische Frau einem kleinen Jungen, nachdem die Erde verwüstet wurde und die Tiere starben, würde ein neuer Stamm auf die Welt kommen, der aus Menschen vieler Farben, Klassen und Glaubensrichtungen bestehe. Diese würden durch ihre Taten die Erde wieder grün machen und Krieger des Regenbogens (Warriors of the Rainbow) genannt werden.......“

„Only after the last tree has been cut down / Only after the last river has been poisoned / Only after the last fish has been caught / Then will you find that money cannot be eaten“

THE right quote of the indians is this:

„And when the last red man has disapeared from earth and the rememberance of the white man has made him a legend, then these lands will be overcrowded with the invisible dead people of my tribe....then all will be crowded because of the returning people, who inhabited this land at one time and still love it“

AND there is more:.......

....a native indian woman said to a lttle boy, after the earth had been devastated and the animals had been dying, a new tribe would come to earth, consisting of humans of different colours, classes and believes. They would, with their actions, make the earth green again. And they would be called Warriors of the Rainbow.....

to think about



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                             to do

  1. 1)get ALPS, water decontamination system, working

  2. 2)build „cement bowl“ around it

  3. 3)  write United Nations, Ban Ki Moon

  4. 4)  seal

 MARINE  L I F E   in dangerMARINE_LIFE.html
 IRID asks the world: - h e l pIRID.html
letter to politic :
they decide futurepolitic.html


         i d e a s    4    H E L P


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                                        Solution    W O N D E R  

they turned radioactive material cesium into non radioactive element   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

every single scientist and student in the world   c o u l d   work on this now

physic success:


Japan Journal of applied physics, abstract:

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Study on the Increase in the Amount of Pr Atoms for Cs-Ion-Implanted Pd/CaO Multilayer Complex with Deuterium Permeation

Tatsumi Hioki1, Naoko Takahashi1, Satoru Kosaka1, Teppei Nishi1, Hirozumi Azuma1, Shogo Hibi1, Yuki Higuchi1, Atsushi Murase1 and Tomoyoshi Motohiro2

Published 4 October 2013 • Copyright (c) 2013 The Japan Society of Applied Physics 
Japanese Journal of Applied PhysicsVolume 52Number 10R


To investigate the nuclear transmutation of Cs into Pr reported in this journal by Iwamura and coworkers, we have measured the amount of Pr atoms in the range as low as ~1×1010 cm-2 using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for Cs-ion-implanted Pd/CaO multilayer complexes before and after deuterium permeation. The amount of Pr was initially at most 2.0×1011 cm-2 and it increased up to 1.6×1012 cm-2 after deuterium permeation. The increase in the amount of Pr could be explained neither by deuterium permeation-stimulated segregation of Pr impurities nor by external contamination from the experimental environment during the permeation. No increase in Pr was observed for permeation with hydrogen. These findings suggest that the observed increase in Pr with deuterium permeation can be attributed to a nuclear origin, as reported by Iwamura and coworkers, although the amount of the increase in Pr is two orders of magnitude less than that reported by them.

Mitsubishi Reports Toyota Replication




Lattice Energy LLC- Toyota Confirms Mitsubishi Transmutation of Cs to Pr-Oct 31 2013

by Lewis Larsen, President and CEO at Lattice Energy LLC on Nov 01, 2013

In Oct. 2013, Toyota published a paper in the peer-reviewed Japanese Journal of Applied Physics which

confirmed important experimental results that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries had first published



„   (orsobubu

November 23, 2013 at 8:18 am Log in to Reply

LENR Transmutation technology (aka "cold fusion") to decontaminate radioactive wastes:"Please note that Toyota's recent experimental confirmation of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ (MHI) neutron-catalyzed LENR-based transmutation method effectively provided a proof-of-concept for disposal of rather nasty radioactive Cesium (Cs-137) commonly found in nuclear fission reactor wastes into other heavier, non-radioactive stable elements/isotopes using MHI’s permeation process. In principle, a variant of MHI's LENR method with larger neutron fluxes would be extremely flexible and should work on any other type of radioactive isotopes that can capture low energy neutrons, e.g., very dangerous Strontium-90, many long-lived transuranics such as Neptunium (please see

Measurements of Neutron Capture Cross Sections





Why mitigation is needed -

Where in the ecosphere radioactivity is found:


)  write United Nations, Ban Ki Moon

GOOD NEWS       19.2.2014



2) build „cement bowl“ around it                

Nuclear Engineer: “Very huge catastrophe” for melted fuel to burn into ground — Radioactive material “will go all around the world” once in underground water — Chernobyl made cement barrier below reactor, #Fukushima did not (VIDEO)



Idea: Mining, Tunnelbuilding.... the whole complex needs to be put in a „bowl“ of heatresistant material (thousands of degrees) and to be cooled waterless from the outside, freezecooling.

Project Management & executing forces: the best specialists and scientists from around the world:

Gundersen: Nuclear fuel has been moved by groundwater at Fukushima Daiichi — It’s time to walk away from plant for next 100 years once there’s an underground sarcophagus — Much more difficult to contain than Chernobyl  December 29th, 2013


  1. 1)get ALPS water decontamination system working

                                         ≈    HELP SCIENCE

                  TO SETUP BIGGER:

Multi-nuclide Removal Equipment   (ALPS)  !!!:(GOOD! BUT DONE WAY TO SMALL)





Another help for the ocean: http://5gyres.org/

ALPS to repair:

Fukushima failure: Decontamination system stops functioning

Published time: January 09, 2014 12:09

Edited time: January 10, 2014 12:49


Fukushima clean-up system hit by new problem – TEPCO

Published time: February 28, 2014 09:18


4) seal

Julian Gresser is chairman of Alliances for Discovery.

Ernst G. Frankel is emeritus professor of ocean engineering at MIT.

Jerome A. Cohen is co-director of the US-Asia Law Institute at NYU Law School.

Dick Wullaert also contributed to the article

Abe must act now to seal Fukushima reactors, before it's too late


Julian Gresser, Ernst Frankel and Jerome A. Cohen say complacency is putting the world at risk

10:44 PM EST on February 1st, 2014

Japan Gov’t Adviser on Fukushima: We have “much to learn from what’s happening at Chernobyl” — Engineer: All my co-workers at Chernobyl are now dead, and I had thyroid removed due to cancer (VIDEO)


Icewall good idea?

Mr Freeze joins the Fukushima C i r c u s

see more:

 IRID asks the world: h e l pIRID.html


 ocean beauty wonderocean_beauty_wonder.html